1. reidcc's Avatar
    So I've had my N5 since launch date- and have no regrets.
    My old ride was a Nexus 5- which I still like due to its simplicity and feel.
    Back around the time the S6 and the S6E were released- I stopped in and looked at the Note 4, the S6E, and the Nexus 6. They were dummies, and they had the bulky anti-theft thingies on them- and it was hard to get a "pants pocket feel". I walked away and thought I'd never go to a big phone.
    Until I saw the new N5- I bought it without really worrying about pants pocket. It felt easier to hold than the N4 - because of the rear taper.

    So two nights ago I pulled out my Nexus 5 to see what updates it would need before I could even think of having it get Marshmallow- and get this... it looked too small!!! It was like a toy to me now. After 6 weeks- I can't go back home.

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    10-08-2015 08:26 AM
  2. bassplayrguy's Avatar
    How true! Anytime I see an S4 or S5 that used to seem like a big phone to me, I think wow that is a small phone.
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    10-08-2015 08:39 AM
  3. sunburned's Avatar
    I'm a huge advocate for smaller phones and better ergonomics. I used the 2013 Moto X for 2 years and never wanted to change phones. So pissed when the '14 X got bigger and the '15 X even bigger than that! The new Moto X Pure is bigger than a Note 5 now!!

    Sorry for the rant, so the only reason I switched to a bigger phone is because I got an S6 edge for free from a friend. It was tough getting used to the size, but now my X feels tiny when I go back to it. However, the edge ergonomics suuuuuuuuuck.

    Having said that, the same friend that gave me my phone now has a Note 5 and I was amazed how easy such a huge phone was to hold. My hands are fairly small, but the curved edges on the back need to be applied to every phone Samsung makes (or any manufacturer for that matter). The pocket size is still a bit huge, but the phone is much less of a tank than I had ever imagined.

    I've really been debating if I want to try it out for a DD or stick to my S6, which is already a biiiig phone in my eyes. Can't tell if it's worth it for the pen features, which I doubt I'll ever use.
    10-08-2015 11:50 AM
  4. OceanView's Avatar
    I think I felt the same way when I bought my first Note 1.
    But from about the Note 3 and forward, I have always used 2 different sized phones for different needs.

    If I think I'll be stuck doing work or need access to lots of reading material, I'll take the Note, but if I want to have something small and not weigh me down, I'll take the smaller S series phone.
    Different phones for different uses.
    10-08-2015 12:37 PM
  5. debdroid1a's Avatar
    When I went from the Droid4 to the S5 to the Note 5, there was a big difference. But I liked it. I had a 10" tablet and a Kindle Fire by then. I don't use my phone much as a phone. Even when I do use the Note 5 on my ear, it doesn't seem too big to me. My manager compared his iPhone 6+ to my S5 and there wasn't much difference, so going to the Note 5 wasn't a problem for me.
    10-08-2015 02:19 PM

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