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    This isn't the right place for such a thread but since AC doesn't actually have a thread for the Galaxy A8, I figured I'd create one where many people might see it. I recently bought this phone after using my Note 4 for a year and I can honestly say it's very impressive for being considered a "mid ranger". I paid $550AUD and got it off Kogan and it arrived within the week.

    There's a 5.7" 1080p screen which is bright, clear and has great colour reproduction, albeit not as amazing as a 2k screen. It has the exact same camera as the S6 and Note 5 (at least I think it does!), or one extremely close and its fantastic. The build is sleek and all metal and is 5.9mm thin, somehow cramming a 3050mah battery in there which lasts all day (see attachment pic for screen on time).

    Additionally, it comes with the theme engine and I'm loving the fact that I can change my phone within all of 30 seconds, as well as the Note 5's fingerprint scanner. Overall performance is great and I haven't noticed any lag/stutter. To be fair though, I get package disabler pro straight away and go crazy lol.

    Does anyone actually own this phone? What are your thoughts? Any issues? I want to be able to talk to someone that owns it about literally anything...
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    01-11-2016 06:37 AM
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    Why did you choose the A8 instead of a Note 5? I don't have an A8, just curious since you previously had a Note.
    01-11-2016 06:57 AM
  3. Christine Aflak's Avatar
    The Note 5 was too expensive outright, it's about $1000 here in Australia. Also, I never used the pen :P

    Additionally, the specs weren't too different besides the ram and the processor. I've always been big on specs and went for the latest, but I can honestly say there's no difference. The phone is excellent.

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    01-11-2016 08:31 PM

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