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    My Note8 recently updated to Android 9 Pie and Samsung's OneUI. The new horizontal look and way of using Recent Apps wouldn't have been my choice; I understand that it's intended to emphasize one-handed use, but that seems odd on a phone with a phenomenal stylus. Whatever; I can deal with it.

    My one real problem with it is that the list of recent apps seems to reset overnight. Instead of 20 or 30 apps, there'll be only 3 or 4 when I look at it in the morning (plus the 5 especially-recently-used or whatever they are at the bottom). I can't find anywhere in Settings to change this. Is this what others are seeing too? I've seen recommendations to try 'Good Lock' from the Samsung App Store, and I'll check that out. But I'm wondering if I've missed some setting that could just fix this.
    04-14-2019 10:51 AM
  2. srgonu's Avatar
    In Pie, optimize runs by default every night. You can disable it by going to device care and that may solve your issue.
    04-14-2019 11:44 AM
  3. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    In Pie, optimize runs by default every night. You can disable it by going to device care and that may solve your issue.
    Thanks for the tip! I went to Settings > Device care, then the 3-button menu top right > Auto optimization, and turned it off. No idea that was there -- hope this will do it! That sort of hand-holding, "Let me fix that problem you don't think you have" approach annoys me. In my personal situation, I don't mind using battery, and I don't care to have things managed for me. Rrf. End of rant. Thanks again!
    04-14-2019 11:54 AM
  4. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    Unfortunately, this did not work after all. This morning once again the recent apps list was wiped clean. I checked, and in Device care both Auto optimization and Auto restart are still turned off, but apparently it just did it anyway. Do you know of any other settings I should check?
    04-15-2019 10:06 AM
  5. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    Anyone else have any suggestions? I went to bed last night with 18 apps in the Recent list, and this morning there were 5.
    04-16-2019 02:43 PM
  6. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    OK, giving up on this. Guess Samsung was right -- only one person on earth wants to carry on from the previous day with their full list of recent apps. Lucky me -- unique again.
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    04-19-2019 10:39 AM
  7. srgonu's Avatar
    Couple of things you can try
    1] Go to device care-> battery and change power mode to high performance.
    2] Device care -> battery then click three buttons on right hand top, select settings. Here disable "Put unused apps to sleep". Also you can try disabling "Adaptive battery".

    Hope these settings should help.
    04-19-2019 11:08 AM
  8. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    Thanks, srgonu, appreciate it. (And sorry for grumpiness.) I'll give all those a try.
    04-19-2019 03:21 PM
  9. srgonu's Avatar
    Thanks, srgonu, appreciate it. (And sorry for grumpiness.) I'll give all those a try.
    Sure. I can understand frustration. I suggest just option 2 mentioned above. Don't think high performance mode is needed.
    04-19-2019 03:54 PM
  10. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    So, just to finally follow up on this: I've tried all 3 suggestions, in all possible combinations, and nothing works. Every morning, I have only 5 apps left in my Recent Apps list. I can't imagine what is supposed to be accomplished by this (and without my permission). If no one else is experiencing it or bothered by it, I guess I'll just live with it. "It's a feature."
    05-01-2019 08:44 AM
  11. bigmo555's Avatar
    Try installing "Good Lock" from Samsung. It's in the Galaxy app store. It has a fix for a TON of Pie atrocities, including a fix for Multitasking and multi-windows.

    05-02-2019 12:33 AM
  12. Dave-in-Decatur's Avatar
    Thanks, @bigmo555. I've heard of that before, and it's definitely on my list. I appreciate the link.
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    05-02-2019 09:51 AM

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