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Oct 24, 2015
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Solution found: my Google search widget was pulled from Nova Launcher. Google is a disabled provider with Nova widgets. Only way to make it stay as a recent tabs was by selecting "open in chrome browser".

Cancelled that widget. Added widget direct from Google Search: problem solved. No more need to open in chrome browser. Just hit search, sees all my recent stuff. Can log all the way into a site and easily go back and forth from that logged in site detail to and from any app I need :)

Okay you know how when you're using apps on your phone you can hit recent tabs to look at previous apps you were working within. Now if I Google a website and I go there to get some information but then when I go back in the meantime and use an app, the website I was on disappears all together it's not in the recent tabs so in most cases I have to hit Google again and tap on that recently searched thing I was looking for and then go all the way into it that way yet again particularly if I have to log into a website. I can't figure out how to make recent web searches and sites I've been on stay in recent tabs so I can toggle between what I'm doing in that website and be able to go back and forth between apps and that website without losing my place. The picture is just to show you what I mean when I say recent tabs.
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Mar 9, 2012
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What you're trying to do should work -- I can switch back and forth easily using the App Overview on my Pixel 7 Pro while using Chrome. The Google search results on Chrome show up in my App Overview, and when I go back to Chrome, they're still there. The same thing works if I use the Google app.

Which browser are you using? If you're using something besides Chrome, give that a try.

Also, make sure the app you're using to search (either the browser or the Google app) isn't battery-restricted -- go to Settings>Apps, select the app in question, then the battery section, and see if it's Restricted there.

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