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    I had not idea that this was only available upon purchase of the Note 9 through Samsung, and only at that time, whereas for the Note 8, S8, and S8+ models you can add it at any time. What exactly is the strategy here? They are only willing to warrant the 9 series phones when it's brand new?

    Well, completely my fault - but my Samsung Premium Care for my Note 9 was canceled today by Samsung because I neglected to update my credit card with a new expiration date I guess. I got totally confused because I had used the same card to buy the phone and I also have the Premium Care for my Note 8, so I though the notice to update the card info was for the Premium Care for my Note 8 and I was going to cancel it anyway... whatever - I messed up.

    But, it was literally just 1 hour later after I got the notice that it was canceled that I contacted Samsung and was told that nothing could be done to get it back. Wow - I really couldn't believe that they couldn't do anything about it. I guess I understand why they would only want to cover new phones, but they don't make such restrictions for their 8 series and I don't know of any other phone insurance coverage that wouldn't cover your phone after it's been purchased. I am pretty certain that even with Applecare, you are able to get it for your iPhone while you're still under warranty?

    In any case, navigating through Samsung Customer Care Pro was excruciating to finally get an answer. They cannot answer any of these questions online, not on social media, not on their Chat service - you must call. Then when you call, they kept thinking I was trying to make a claim. I finally found a way to email them and they finally gave me the answer. I have never had a good experience dealing with Customer Service over the phone or using their chat system. I've had good experiences at their physical location, though.

    Anyway, I canceled my Note 8 coverage and not I have no coverage for either Note 9 or 8. I don't think I'm going to get any coverage and will think twice anyway next time. Of all the time I've had it, I never used it for any claim on my Note 8 or Note 9.

    Are many of you still using any sort of insurance coverage for your Note 9? I used to never consider these, but recently have been due to the higher and higher costs of the phone.
    02-03-2019 11:05 PM
  2. smooches680's Avatar
    Wow sorry to hear about all that trouble you had to deal with. I have insurance through Sprint.
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    02-03-2019 11:14 PM

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