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    My Verizon Note 4 Edge finally got the Marshmallow update a few days ago. I've been looking around in it, and looking at some online reviews of Marshmallow (such as this one). I've got a number of questions about Samsung's implementation of this version of Android, all boiling down to, "Did Samsung just squash these features or what?"

    • Supposedly the app drawer now scrolls vertically and has a search feature, while widgets do not. Admittedly, I've got my apps all neatly rounded up into folders, so there's only one page. But it doesn't look scrollable, and there's no search. OTOH, widgets (still) are searchable, thank goodness.
    • One review speaks of "Sounds & Notifications" settings, with some per-app goodies. Can't find it; can't find such goodies anywhere.
    • "Direct Share" supposedly places, at the top of the share list, a set of contacts with app icons from which to choose and hit send. It's not showing up on my phone.

    Anyone know what's going on with this stuff?
    07-25-2016 04:57 PM

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