1. Spookydad's Avatar
    Has ATT& T forgotten about us?

    Are we ever getting ICS???
    05-03-2012 09:23 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Samsung Canada, issued a press release that said ICS was rolling out, and I'm pretty sure that device was mentioned. So signs are good. We just don't know when.
    05-03-2012 10:21 AM
  3. Ronnie2's Avatar
    We will get ICS eventually. Eventually being the key word lol. I'm pretty sure the Skyrocket will be updated before summer is over...maybe sooner, who knows.

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    05-03-2012 10:38 AM
  4. Superman4060's Avatar
    Yeah!!!! I'm seriously annoyed by this. I figure they are going to kick out as many ICS devices before we get our update. Skyrocket has nice specs that will compete with some of the new phones coming out. So if you own a phone that may be comparable or better than newer phones coming out with stock ICS, why would we buy new...Plus GS3 is probably coming out today....so who knows.
    05-03-2012 10:44 AM
  5. jontalk's Avatar
    Yeah the GS3 looks AMAZING but the word is Verizon will get it first in the US and may not be until Dec.. UGH! I think this is a HUGE mistake since Apple will invariably introduce something equally as advanced and available in Oct or Nov, though NO Apple device will be able to customized like an Andriod, LOL. Regardless, it seems to me that the HTC One X is going to take some serious market share since they beat Sammy to the punch with an awesome device, though it does have some shortcomings like any phone. The new GS3 really makes the Skyrocket pale in comparison though, so I expect to see the SR on Amazon soon for a penny just like the HTC Vivid, LOL.
    05-03-2012 02:07 PM
  6. lithprintr's Avatar
    The HTC Vivid got ICS back in March... I was told that sammy was slow with their updates.
    05-03-2012 03:33 PM
  7. dahkillah's Avatar
    There is leaked ICS for SR. I've been running it for over a month now.
    05-04-2012 02:12 PM
  8. 04Roush2's Avatar
    We'll get it sometime between now and 2020.
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    05-04-2012 05:26 PM
  9. fear676's Avatar
    No, atleast before 2015!

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    05-05-2012 10:34 AM
  10. Mharka13's Avatar
    Nah. Don't wait on it. Gingerbread is nice. I don't really give a crap about ics if its coming or not. But if it's coming., its not gonna be until Christmas lol.
    05-05-2012 03:54 PM
  11. wakers8569's Avatar
    I agree with Superman...There is no way to convince me that ATT is just making sure all of the bugs worked out before releasing (unless they have a 4 year old working a couple of hours a week on it). If they were commited to this, it would've already been released. They are waiting to release it in a manner that won't jeopardize sales of up and coming products, plain and simple. I don't know about the rest of you, but I for one am sick and tired of them jerking my chain. They (ATT and Sammy) had better do something soon or I have the feeling that they will have a public relations nightmare on their hands. My rule for satisfying customers is to underpromise and overdeliver...Obviously they don't share my views.
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    05-05-2012 11:22 PM
  12. TgeekB's Avatar
    Does the average customer buying an Android device know the difference between GB and ICS?
    05-06-2012 04:20 AM
  13. 20blks's Avatar
    Does the average customer buying an Android device know the difference between GB and ICS?
    NO. Also, the differences on the skyrocket after ics aren't worth all the complaining you hear either. People act like you'll get a brand new phone with the update. I want ics for one reason, google chrome.
    05-06-2012 04:10 PM
  14. iFrosty's Avatar
    I hope soon. Time to make this phone more relevant with newer models. Im running the leaked ICS but of course some apps are worthless to use. But its better than nothing.
    05-09-2012 10:03 PM
  15. gargoyle_48770's Avatar
    in ctia they had a galaxy not with att brand and running ics. the specs of the galaxy note is the same except the screen size and resolution. so not long after the note gets theres in ota we will get ours its just a waiting game now probably sometime in june more like the end of it.
    05-10-2012 10:36 AM
  16. skyrocketeer's Avatar
    ics?...on the SkyRocket...in my whitey tightey little pocket?...ho hum. Enjoy the phone with gb, or with a leak...it's not going to transform anything...
    05-10-2012 06:57 PM
  17. gargoyle_48770's Avatar
    true its not going to change much about the looks but with ics some more things come available to us, some launchers like nova, chrome and some others.
    05-10-2012 08:23 PM
  18. feelinfroggy23's Avatar
    I have the leaked ics with he oneclick thing. I been using it for a total 24 hours and its really nice. But....its not stable. Apps force close a lot. Some apps wont even open. Going back to stock gb and waiting for official release. T-mobile is sending out their ics update in the next couple days so maybe skyrocket next. But yeah ics on skyrocket is nice....tasted good!

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    05-12-2012 05:14 AM