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    I'm wondering on how and by which criteria android updates come available for the S2.
    For example, me and a colleague both have an S2. Phones are bought in the UK in the same store (I bought my phone about a half year after my colleague.)
    The phones are "non operator branded"; they run samsungs stock android and are simlock free or however you call this, they are just bought from a major IT supplier chain without any relation to an operator.
    We both have the same subscription type and operator at the moment. My colleague however got an OTA notification about a month ago for the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update.
    After connecting to kies he got the same notification that new firmware was available. After installation he got 4.1.2.
    Our phones are standard (no custom ROMs or other modifications) and both have/had (before my colleague updated) ICS running .

    I can understand that operators who modify android for their phones need someway to control when they can release there modified update.
    However, how is this controlled for "stock samsung" phones? If I use kies I assume some samsung server is contact to check for an update?
    How come that for my phone no updates are found? Hardware differences seem not to be the reason as we will all receive the same version/build...
    Throttling the updates for spreading load on their servers might be another reason, but 4 weeks seems a bit long
    04-06-2013 06:43 PM

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