11-23-2015 08:35 PM
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  1. Wastelands's Avatar
    Same here! Thank you!
    09-15-2014 06:10 AM
  2. Ricardo Minnaar's Avatar

    I have a S2 and have the exact same problem with storage space.I have tried punching in *#9900# but it just gives me a message of "connection problem or invalid MMI code"

    What am I doing wrong?
    10-03-2014 10:12 AM
  3. Harooon1990's Avatar
    I have tried *#9900# but its not helping me, my system data is still showing 1.3gb and I am not able to download any app or install.
    Can anyone suggest me what should I do???
    10-07-2014 11:33 PM
  4. humale's Avatar
    Why does nothing happen when I punch *#9900#?
    10-08-2014 10:19 PM
  5. antonleet's Avatar
    i dialed the number *#9900# and got back 3.46GB on my Samsung galaxy tab 2, I am so happy thank you very much for the information. It works, sorry if it doesn't work for you.
    11-21-2014 11:02 AM
  6. Shushannah Smith's Avatar
    Use "SD Maid", it is finding Log files and everything.

    I was close to buy a new smartphone, because i thought it is unfixable. But with this app the Log-Cat Files 12567974820 are removed. On my phone it was 1.6 gig. XD. Crazy
    I got SD maid and it worked!
    02-12-2015 12:29 AM
  7. onecho's Avatar
    I only see rum dumpstate/ logcat *#9900# where can i find delete dumpstate/logcat?
    Thank you...
    05-15-2015 11:02 AM
  8. Jenzi's Avatar
    Ok. So i have two S2 phone. The awesome one of the two is broken. With that one i never had the problem of low storage space etc. I had way more appsnon it too. This one i have 3 apps and i dont have any memory left. I do see the difference between the two: the old awesome one doesnt have an option to restart, doesnt have KIES AIR or any of that on.
    The newer one has all this extra junk that noone uses and i cant delete or clear data. Is there anyway to get those apps off? The *#9900# unfortunately when i use it says not responding. help please.
    05-21-2015 01:05 AM
  9. Satijaima's Avatar
    me too...I have same menu. no option to Delete dumstate...what to do?
    09-05-2015 05:12 PM
  10. Satijaima's Avatar
    I too have the same problem. my mobile model is S2 GT206.
    After typing *#9900#, I will get only the following options
    1.run dumpstate/logcat
    2.copy kernal log to SD Card
    3.Copy to SC card
    4.Enable debug log
    5.Disable fast dormancy
    6.Choose debug level
    7.TCP DUMP start
    8.Start RIL log
    9.Copy RIL log
    10.run modem log

    I dont have delete dumpstate/logcat option

    Plz Advice.

    I have the same problem...same menu...no option to Delete dumpstate...what to do?
    09-05-2015 05:15 PM
  11. Tina A Clarke's Avatar
    I tried #9900# and I got that MMI message.

    I realised I had not put the *#9900# * so i did it again and the option came up pressed it and now I have a lot more storage memory though I am apparently using a lot anyway.

    Phone seemed slow to bring this up at first, so I restarted. I have AVG Cleaner (free version) and I was using that to keep on top of the storage problem. It now says I am in the green. I deleted 17mbs worth right away it seems to pile up quicker now.

    I was able to update some of my apps ...I had got rid of everything but what i use every single day. There are a lot of Samsung apps I am not sure if they are needed or not that I would like to delete.

    Because I made a mistake and got the same error message some of you are getting, are you 100% sure you put in the star? I didn't but when I did it worked.

    Worth trying a couple of times.
    I decided to google it as well and there were a lot of selections you guys that are having that problem might like to try them out and see what works then post back here on what worked.

    I got told when I tried to post the link that I had to have ten posts first..... so just put http etc etc in front of the below links

    For those that need visual clues i also found this link with some graphical shots to show you what to do.

    From the comments on that link above, some people mention that they have this storage problem because of their google account.

    I have been able to update apps i have not been able to update for a good long while. I was going to buy an upgrade, but I will hold off now cos this works perfectly well otherwise.... well I do have some phone issues but maybe they will go away now? Perhaps the storage problem was causing the sound to not work when people rang me now and again? The fact wifi and screen orientation turns itself off without asking? The fact that it freezes and all the wrong times? Does any of that happen to you guys with the storage problem?

    09-15-2015 12:11 AM
  12. lillywhite555's Avatar
    Try Space Cleaner, its basically a junk and cash cleaner, with the additional functionality to also manage apps, and ultimately increase space that is hogging your android device. It's super easy to use. I found it on Google play store, just type Space Cleaner Uniblue.
    10-08-2015 09:20 AM
  13. jeffh67's Avatar

    I had exactly the same problem... in fact I did reset the phone and one month later I'm back to the same problem. This time I indstalled SD Maid and did the *#9900# thing (dumpstate logic) and moved apps to the SD card; worked for a short time but running low on mem again; now I have done what you also suggested and cleared all the data from each app in the app manager and viola. It's great and worked perfectly AND much faster.... Thanks,
    11-23-2015 08:35 PM
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