08-13-2019 12:32 PM
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  1. Andrea Cojocaru's Avatar
    I have galaxy s6 mine has done same with purple can barely see through it now but if defo not dropped mine plus it's in a protective case as well x looking at £130 to get new screen
    I dropped my s6 in the toilet and after it,it was fine but the next day some purple patch started to show in my right hand corner and it's slowly growing . Should I buy new screen or just buy a new phone ?
    12-26-2018 05:56 PM
  2. General27111's Avatar
    Does it works if you change the screen on phone or you need to get completely new phone?
    Please help im freaking
    01-12-2019 08:41 AM
  3. pringkring's Avatar
    That same ooze happened to my S6.I dropped it this morning with a screen protector case. Later purple spots start to appear bottom right on my screen. At first I thought it was a burn then I searched through the internet to find out it was a ooze. Could somebody help?
    05-31-2019 09:06 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! As previously discussed in this thread, it means the screen has been damaged, and pretty soon the purple stain will spread over the entire screen. You need to get the screen replaced. I'd also make sure all of your important data is backed up ASAP, before the screen fails completely.
    06-01-2019 09:59 PM
  5. HereToHelpUnofficial's Avatar
    if there is no trauma then what's the reason behind this problem and does that covers warranty when there is no trauma please tell because that also happens to me while my phone didn't fall or din't pressed on display. My phone has amoled display.
    Ive been doing research but im young (12 years old) but im a child prodigy. The problem with your cell phone is a broken/ damaged LCD a hardware break and im having the issue myself. the purplish-black is spreading and it spreads fast. Your best bet is to either get a new phone or take it to a professional.
    08-13-2019 12:23 PM
  6. HereToHelpUnofficial's Avatar
    Other then a damaged LCD (if you dropped it) it is most likely is a lagging or malfunctioning LCD or your screen is just plain old purple (most likely not the problem). If you have an Amoled display then it might just be glitching or it may have rubbed of some goo or something on the LCD or OLED which is also something to consider. I hope this was helpful.
    08-13-2019 12:32 PM
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