1. jdizzle316's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I read that the improvement on the new GS3 is more software than hardware.

    Does anyone know if the upcoming GS3 has zero shutter lag like the GN & HTC One X?

    For me this is an important feature since I like to take pics on my phone and having to wait 3 seconds for the picture to capture makes for blurred images.

    thanks in advance guys!
    05-17-2012 01:10 PM
  2. Nashstruck's Avatar
    Yes it does.
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    05-17-2012 01:13 PM
  3. jdizzle316's Avatar
    Thanks for the info!

    But since I'm Android junkie, i have to try to figure out how to get the GS3 thru Sprint since i don't have anymore upgrades after i pre-ordered the EVO LTE (and btw, have yet not received...I HATE YOU APPLE!).
    05-17-2012 03:28 PM
  4. Tkbredx's Avatar
    Since its on preorder you should be able to cancel it. If not you can always return the device, and if not that, you can always resell it. And well, if none of that works then I guess youre just SOL :P
    05-17-2012 03:35 PM