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    So I wanted to play around a bit and get more use out of my Sony BluRay player. I decided to download BubbleUPNP to my S3, and try to play music from my DNS-323 NAS (which Im using as backup to my Music collection from iTunes) device over the network.
    Im a bit new at this so as I understand it my NAS box would be the "Media Server", my Sony BluRay would be the "Media Renderer" and my Galaxy S3 would act as the "Controil Point, is that correct?

    Anyways, my main point to all of this is when I look on the phone at the "Library" being rendered, its not showing all of my Music. I checked to make sure that the box had all my Music in the correct spots etc. I came to the conclusion that the music/albums that it wasn't showing was in AAC/Mpg4 format while it was showing just MP3. My question is, is it an issue with my BluRay, an issue with my S3 , issue with my box, or an issue with the Bubble UPNP? I guess my other question is on iTunes when you rip albums to it, does it change all music to the AAC format? and why do I still have some MPeg format on iTunes

    Thanks for reading my ramble. Any advice would be appreciated!
    10-25-2012 01:04 PM

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