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    Hello all,
    I'm trying to confirm some information here in the Active forums and hoping someone could provide some insight.

    • Is/was there a setting that allowed the ability for Bluetooth tethering on our Active's?

    • Is this something that other Android's are capable of doing?

    • Is it possibly a carrier restriction? I'm on at&t and do not currently a Hotspot plan but will add one if that's the reason the "bluetooth" option of tethering is unavailable is settings. Not sure if that is the case though.

    • If unavailable altogether, is there a 'workaround'? An app for example. I'm not familiar w the root process and will avoid that if it comes down to it.

    I'm finding in my settings the ability to only tether via Wifi or USB. Not sure if it's a 4.2.2 issue, a previous version of 4.2.x, a feature on a standard S4 or an issue specific to the S4 Active. I'm looking to use this specific functionality for a very specific function (it is a device called an I'm Watch) but it will only allow for transfer of application data using a Smartphone's data connection via a Bluetooth tether connection....which is a big pain in the a$$. Anyway, the problem when searching for this info on the internet is that I get tons of results for the standard S4 and being new to both Android and Galaxy's, I'm getting a bit confused with all the different variables.

    I also read something about a 4.3 maintenance release. I'm coming from an iOS world so forgive me if my questions are not specific enough or should be asked differently. Thanks for any info anyone can provide and please let me know if I should/can provide more data.
    07-22-2013 05:02 PM

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