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    Hello, I have been with android for about 2 years now, as i was recently with Vodaphone on the galaxy s2, i had no issues with the phone and it worked very well.

    I have recently changed to optus, as i enjoyed the S2 as a phone i decided to take the galaxy S4, and with optus i purchased a 2GB pack on my download.

    After about 2 weeks, all of my data but 170MB been lost, when i had a look at data usage it was telling me that the video player was using my data, and had used around 1.6GB in the back ground in about 2 days! so i turned off for this program to have data usage in the background and as i watched a youtube video on my work break, for about 15 minutes, i had a message on my phone, saying that my data limit was reached, 170MB in 15 minutes is very excessive.

    I once again looked for the reason, and it stated that the media player was used in the back ground.

    It does not seem like 170MB can be used on 15 minutes of youtube? i used to watch countless videos on my Galaxy S2, and i never went over my limit (2.5GB), but for watching youtube i lost roughly 10MB a minute, which is CRAZY.

    Are there any things i can do to turn off this data usage on my phone for future reference?
    05-28-2013 01:13 AM

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