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    So 5.0.8 came out to make our MMS experience a dream, including the ability to send full size images and multiple pics in a single message. In reality, it killed the ability of my phone to send or receive MMS. All pics sent to me result in a Download button that turns to "Downloading," but doesn't actually download. An attempted send of a picture results in the swirly thing (like an hour glass) swirling forever, never sending the message. I can't even use batch mode to delete messages with attached pictures. Is there a way to go back to the last revision?

    My current settings

    Handcent is the default messaging app for SMS and MMS
    Carrier setup: smart
    Auto retreive
    Delivery reports: off
    Self-check: on
    Auto Download: on
    Auto Convert to MMS: on
    08-23-2013 11:04 PM

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