1. Elie Karam's Avatar
    Galaxy S4 Fail to download software update-screenshot_2013-11-15-13-02-38.jpg
    My S4 keeps downloading even when it reaches the size of the file. Why does this happen? Any solutions? Please help
    11-15-2013 09:36 AM
  2. trucky's Avatar
    You always have checksum and MD5 information for the download to process after the actual file is downloaded.
    11-15-2013 11:47 AM
  3. mado1999's Avatar
    I have the same problem it's annoying

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-15-2013 11:49 AM
  4. Elie Karam's Avatar
    Is there any way to solve this?
    11-15-2013 11:22 PM
  5. Linebarrel86's Avatar
    Is your device rooted?

    If so...you're S.O.L

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-16-2013 05:28 AM
  6. Elie Karam's Avatar
    NO the device is not rooted, it is still on the official 4.2.2 that comes with the phone
    11-16-2013 08:01 AM

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