1. Fengshuistein's Avatar
    Okay, here's an odd one...

    This seems to have started happening only recently: when I receive a text message that has a picture in it, it shows up as a thumbnail (like it always has). When I tap on it, it brings up the full picture (again, nothing new here). However, when I hit the "back / return" key (soft key, to the right of the Home button), instead of going back to the text message, it takes me to the Gallery. I then have to tap the "back" key a few more times to now back out of the Gallery, and get back to my text message. This only happens the first time I view the picture, though - after the second and/or any subsequent viewings, tapping the "back" key will take me back to the text. What the dilly-o?

    Does this happen to anyone else? Does anybody know what, perhaps, the dilly-o may be, exactly?


    12-11-2013 04:04 PM
  2. Fengshuistein's Avatar
    Nobody? Anybody? Somebody? Shoot....

    12-16-2013 06:40 PM

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