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    Here is a list of problems I've been having since I performed a factory restore about a month ago.

    "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped" among several other stop errors I have encountered but this one seems to be the most re-occurring. Once it starts it wont stop until I reboot.
    Samsung apps hangs on a 17.74 mb update. Cleared data and cache restarted to no success. 5th attempt has brought me to 100% but now I get a parsing error. Stayed at 100% installed and just disappeared after I dismissed the parsing error. Rebooted and update seems to be working as I finished this post.
    Several "isn't responding" errors. Cleared data and cache fixed for a day or two and reoccurs.
    Phone randomly freezes for a second or two while doing everything including keyboard freezing while typing causing typos.
    Gallery crashes and having problems saving pictures taken with camera. Tried using Customizable Gallery 3D and was working before I did the restore. Now having the same problems as before. taking picture and then not being able to see it.
    Phone goes to black screen and becomes unresponsive for 5 seconds to a minute.

    Phone was working better before I did a factory restore but this is my first android and was abusing the force stop button so I wanted to start fresh as I was hopping to solve the error when opening appointments to calendar.

    dpi@swdd5608 #1
    Sat Mar 1 01:36:11 kst 2014

    I realize that the new update is less than perfect but when searching for my problems I cant seem to find any posts with my same problems.

    Thanks in advance for your input,

    04-28-2014 05:05 PM

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