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    I purchased a grey market Galaxy S4 from Hong Kong (or somewhere in Asia) for my nearly blind mother. I am trying to get S Voice voice command service working for her as she can no longer easily operate a normal phone by touch.

    I have changed all the language defaults I can find to English (US or Canada) - keyboard input, S Voice, etc.

    But, when S Voice cannot do something (like "turn on Flight Mode" to mute the phone) , the reply comes back "English has Limited Functionality. Switch to Chinese for more options...."
    Then, if I click on the "Search the Web" option, it jumps into Baidu which appears to be a Chinese language search engine.

    It seems that this phone has some lingering elements of Chinese here.
    Can anyone suggest how I get better "functionality" in S Voice and how to get rid of Baidu as the default search engine from S Voice (I have checked Chrome, which is the default browser and the default search engine in it is Google.)
    12-10-2014 08:48 AM

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