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    I've been playing with the remote find and lock option on the s5. I highly suggest that everyone at least sign into your Samsung account from a different device and see how this works. You also need to set up a password that locks your device if someone tries to do a factory reset.

    One thing that I noticed about the accuracy of the find my mobile option is under security, remote controls, it gives you the option to use wireless networks. If the wireless networks option is turned on on my phone, the find my mobile option on the Samsung website can not pinpoint exactly where my phone is. It locates it within 30 miles, but never in the same spot. When I turn the wireless networks option off, the gps location shows exactly where the phone is every time.

    You have to be careful though. When you turn this option off Google will continually ask for your permission to turn it back on. I guarantee that all of you have this turned on if you haven't ever played with it, and if you lose your phone it will more than likely sent you to the wrong location.
    05-08-2014 12:34 PM

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