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    Good morning folks! Please have patience with this post, as it may be long and drawn out and please ask me for any other info, as I may have left out a piece or two of info.

    I have taken the plunge and forsaken my unlimited data and hopped on board with the S5. New to forum, not to the site, but I have a question. I had a number of files (mostly game saves, messages, etc.) that I REALLY wanted to bring over to my S5. I read about Helium, and so I thought I would give it a go. I have never done a backup and restore to a new phone before so bear with me if I sound ignorant. Here is what I did:

    *Downloaded the app on both phones and on my PC at home (this is a PC download as I am not comfortable doing SD Card DL and I didn't want to pay for it)
    *Opened up the app on my Galaxy Nexus, chose Backup and opened app the PC. Backed up the games, etc. and it gave me a .zip file once finished
    *Plugged in my S5, opened up the app and chose the Restore option
    *Dragged the .zip file on my PC to the upload area on the Helium desktop app and it uploaded
    *Then the desktop app asked me if I wanted to restore the listed apps, I clicked Restore button
    *Once it let me know it finished on the desktop app, I checked my phone
    The phone gave me a message saying the PC requested an app backup and asked me if that is what I wanted to do and gave me two options at the bottom "Do Not Restore" and "Restore App Data (?)" <not sure if the second option is verbatim
    It also gave me a box to put in a password if the app data was encrypted, since I do not remember if any of it was, I did not enter anything (I've only had the phone for 4 days so I have not set any encryption passwords) and click Restore App Data button.
    Both options darken and nothing really happens. The cursor still blinking in the box where the encryption password is supposed to go
    After a minute or so I hit the back button thinking something is wrong and it takes me back to the Home screen.

    Now most of what I backed up were games saves so I checked my PvZ 2 app and it is restored. So is Subway Surfers. However, all my Angry Bird games did not restore (Other than AB SW 2 since you can log on to Rovio's site), nor did games like Minion Rush, Frozen Free Fall or Jetpack Joyride.

    My question would be, I guess, should I have just waited a while longer to see if the Restore finished on the phone before hitting the back button? The total file size was 1.2gb so I guess maybe I should have waited longer, but what threw me off was that I thought it was finished, or I did something wrong, was that the cursor was still blinking in the encryption password box and typically if processes are going on that would not be blinking.
    06-17-2014 09:25 AM
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    I have used Hellium with a S5 Backup and restored it to an LG G2 and all of my apps were there with the data.

    I don't remember all the details as I have done this just once, but you install Hellium on the PC for it to just allow the backup or restore, but the Folder named Carbon I move it directly from my S5 to the LG G2, so I don't know if doing it other way can affect it or not. So what I did was opened the Hellium App on the S5 and it ask you to connect to the PC, once it validates this it tells you that you can unplug it from the PC and allow you to do the Backup or restore, I did the backup and then copied the whole Carbon folder to my PC, then installed the Hellium app on teh G2 and then moved that folder to the Root folder on the G2, then once I opened Hellium on the G2 it asked me to connect to the PC, I did it, waited for the message that I could unplug it and I did it, then just proceeded to restore the Apps I wanted. It gave me a couple of errors while doing it, but if you try to restore again it continues from where it stopped.

    Again, I'm not saying that you are doing it wrong but just a little different than I did it, and in my case even with the errors that stopped the restore, once it resumed I could find all my apps with the data, just remember to select Backup with all data (APP + Data) and then to restore everything also.
    06-17-2014 02:01 PM
  3. JollyRoger's Avatar
    Sounds pretty legit. However, I bit the bullet and paid the $4.99 for the Premium and loaded up to DropBox and it went without a problem. I know they say it doesn't work with every app, and I think i found one it doesn't work with. Minion Rush. LARGE file and it freezes each time it gets to the end, and won't complete. Not worried about though.

    Thanks for the response!
    06-18-2014 09:35 AM

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