1. Greg C's Avatar
    I came across this article and it mentioned some of the problems people here were having. Give it a look:
    Galaxy S5: Common Problems Users Have, and How to Fix Them | Digital Trends
    06-23-2014 03:02 AM
  2. AZgl1500's Avatar
    Yes, I have seen that article before, but glad you brought it back up.

    I forgot to bookmark it and have done so now.

    All of the basic "Samsung got it wrong" crap is merely user perception.

    I have done everything they mentioned in the article long ago and have been extremely happy with my S5.

    It is snappy and free of distracting frills. It works fast and solid, every time I need it.
    Greg C likes this.
    06-23-2014 04:14 AM
  3. Greg C's Avatar
    I have bookmarked it as well. Great info!
    06-23-2014 11:54 PM

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