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    tl;dr version first
    • Upgraded encrypted device to Marshmallow
    • Correctly entered password multiple times during multiple restarts
    • Successfully updated device. As expected device a bit slow after heavy OTA updates
    • Opt to restart after long set of updates
    • Device fails to recognize password
    • Forced to perform a factory reset

    As above.
    I attempted updating to Marshmallow — or whatever the most recent build is Samsung have satisfactorily TouchWIZ™'d — via OTA (Over the Air) updates. My phone was encrypted and I had to enter my password multiple times over multiple restarts while the device got itself in order.

    Following the successful installation of updates I entered my password — again, got into the device and poked around a bit, updated a few apps and noticed the device was running a bit slowly. Usual solution? Shut inactive apps, free up some memory, restart your device.

    Unfortunately after this restart my lovingly encrypted phone insisted that the password I had entered correctly, ad-nauseum, over the last 20 minutes was incorrect and I was forced to reset my phone to factory settings to gain access again.

    I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this — and I sincerely hope not — but I would like to at least put the information out there.
    07-29-2016 10:39 PM

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