Samsung S9+ MDM Mode + the client doesnt remember screen lock password

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Nov 14, 2023
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Hi, I work in a technical assistance department and I'm still specializing in software, a week ago an S9+ sm-g9650 android 10 binary came in, the customer brought the cell phone here because she ended up forgetting the screen password, when I went to format the cell phone through recovery mode, the factory reset screen did not appear, since there was no such option, I downloaded the stock rom of the cell phone G9650ZHU9FVF2 and tried to install it via Odin and via SamFW Tool, but both software gave an error and a message appeared warning that the cell phone it was in mdm, I already tried to download cm.tar.md5 and install it in the AP part of Odin but it also gives an error and MDM remains blocked, I already tried to enter Brom mode to use ST-MTK Universal but it is not recognized in Chimera Tool! I don't remember when it was, but after a reboot it went from being a standard password to a password of letters and numbers with the following phrase "Your phone is encrypted for security. To initialize the device, enter your password." What do I do? I don't know what to do anymore!
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