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    S6 stuck in download mode. I tried to unroot and flash the old stock software. It's now stuck on a screen that says to use emergency recovery or I can get it to go to download mode. When I open up Odin I don't see the blue section where the driver should be. I NEED HELP PLEASE !
    07-09-2015 10:46 AM
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    I'm not sure what blue section with drivers your talking about in ODIN. Does the program recognize your phone when you plug it in via USB? Have you already flashed the stock firmware and now encountering this issue? Did you flash tje correct firmware for your specific S6? I was rooted for a while and tried to flash back to stock but the flash wouldnt complete. After several tries I realized that I had Samsung's reactivation lock on. I had to factory reset, set up the phone and click "not now" when the reactivation lock pop up message appeared. FR again and the flash back to stock went through.

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    07-09-2015 11:20 AM

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