1. ScotFra's Avatar
    Why is it so difficult to find a good car charger! A lot of them out there don't have enough AMPs to do the job and charge 2 devices at once.

    I found one though that works really good, the CHOETECH Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 & USB C Ports in Dual USB Car Charger. I really recommend it as it has a Quick charge port and a mix of USB and USB C Type ports. Very practical to charge 2 devices with different ports at the same time and fast.

    So if you need a good car charger that charges fast and fits perfectly in the car slot, then buy this one!
    USB + USB C Car Charger-ficun1dm.jpg
    06-14-2016 06:16 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    What kind of car do you have? I'm just curious how many amps the USB port that's built in puts out.
    06-14-2016 07:14 PM
  3. ScotFra's Avatar
    Hi. I have a Kia Ceed 4 Tech 2015 version. About the ampage, I just called them and they're supposed to call me back today or tomorrow to tell me exactly. I have never tried to charge a laptop for instance, so it's actually interesting to know... I'll post their answer here whenever I receive it.
    Golfdriver97 likes this.
    06-15-2016 08:25 AM

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