1. pshows's Avatar
    Moving over from iPhone to the edge and was wondering if I could disable lookout security? Pro and cons of doing so.
    03-02-2016 01:36 PM
  2. erasat's Avatar
    First thing I do when getting a new phone is to disable or Uninstall any Anti-virus or task/memory manage app. In simple words, no need to use any task or memory management apps on Android, it does it itself when needed and Anti-virus are equally as aggressive and intrusive and uses a lot of your phone resources for it. If you stick to download only apps from the Play Store and don't go around using your phone's browser to download music or videos from the shady websites, you don't need that in your phone.
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    03-02-2016 01:43 PM
  3. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Go into the Application Manager, find the Lookout app, tap on that row, and you should be able to disable it.
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    03-02-2016 04:00 PM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    It's possible that to be able to uninstall or disable Lookout you'll need to uncheck it first in settings - security - device administrators.
    03-02-2016 04:26 PM
  5. RevLauren's Avatar
    Although I find most anti-virus software annoying and resource-hogging (looking at you, AVG and McAfee) , I've used Lookout for quite a while, on different phones. It does things besides monitor for threats. One added feature to the pro version is that it can create a basic VPN. If I am in Starbucks for example, the Starbucks app naturally wants me to log on to free WiFi. My Note 5 detects an insecure, unencrypted network, and Lookout defaults my device to a VPN connection. Makes me feel a lot more more secure.
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    10-30-2016 08:12 PM

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