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    This phone has some tricks up its sleeve. If you come across some, share them here. Even if you think it's not really a new tip/trick, but it's cool, share anyway. You may have stumbled upon a feature buried in the bowels of the cell phone settings which other users don't know exist.

    - Moving multiple apps; on the default launcher home screen, you can hold an app, then drag it to the "move apps" icon and it will drop it into a drawer. Then, you can simply tap (or hold and drag) any other apps to add them to the draw. Then, hold and drag the entire drawer of apps to the screen you want them on. You can just tap the apps to drop them on the new screen, or drag and drop them on the new screen.

    - Turn off the the Briefing page; if you pinch an open area of your home screen, or long press, it will bring up your home screen options. Scroll your pages over to where you see the "Briefing" page and toggle the on/off switch to off.

    - Screen grid size; use the pinch or long press to bring up home screen options again, then on the bottom right you will see "Screen Grid" which will allow you to change the grid size of your home screen.

    - Change which screen is your "main" home screen. Again, pinch/hold to bring up your homescreen settings. At the top of each panel you will see a house icon - tap on the house icon which is above the panel you want to server as your main home screen. - I personally use 3 home panels, so I like to make the center panel my home panel so I simply swipe left or right for the other 2 panels.

    - Edge Screen options - Go to settings, then the Quick Settings tab and you will see "Edge Screen", this will provide several options for uses of your screen edge.

    - Wireless charging - In case you missed it, your phone already has built in wireless charging. All you need to do is purchase a Qi charging pad and you're ready to ditch your cords... except the one that plugs in to your charging pad
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    03-18-2016 11:14 AM
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    - Live pictures - Camera app --> Settings --> "Motion Photo" (on/off). This is kind of similar to Apple's live pictures, except Apple takes 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after; Samsung takes a couple of seconds before the shot, but nothing after. If you use this, just remember, try to have your phone set where you want it before taking the picture or you'll simply get a shot of your feet or whatnot as your moving your phone. If you share the live shot, as of now, there's no way for someone on the other end to make it move. It appears only the original image will be live, so it really only works if you're screen sharing on a TV or simply showing someone a picture on your phone. One thing that is nice though, it does give you an icon to let you know which images used motion. Apple does not do this, so you only know when an Apple image is live by pressing on every image.
    03-21-2016 09:44 AM

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