1. Brjlk's Avatar
    ... compared to charging it with a fast wall charger?
    05-25-2016 09:39 AM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    I mainly use the cord / brick to fast charge at work and use the fast wireless charger at home. I then use a normal wireless charger that I setup at the parents so I can charge over there (they only have iPhones so have to have a charger there when visiting).
    05-25-2016 09:45 AM
  3. tinybfk's Avatar
    I use my Samsung fast charge brick and cable during the day since my battery life sucks so far and my Samsung fast wireless charger every night since it's on my nightstand.

    Posted via carrier pigeon.
    05-25-2016 04:25 PM
  4. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    05-25-2016 07:38 PM
  5. scotiez's Avatar
    I only use the Fast wireless charger from Samsung, and i charge it up every night. My phone has plenty of charge to last me all day and then some but i still charge it up every night regardless of what the percentage is.
    05-26-2016 04:55 AM

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