1. artie's Avatar
    Trying to decide on the best Antivirus software for my S7. Coming from BlackBerry never had to worry about it before, any advice?
    Thank you ,
    05-26-2016 11:00 PM
  2. cbreze's Avatar
    I don't think you need to worry about it now either. There are some in the store and some folks like to use them but I think the majority of people don't and just take care where they download stuff. I think they are battery hogs to a certain extent and don't really do a lot of protecting, just from what I've read over the years I've been using Android. Just download from the store and not untrusted sites and you should be fine.
    05-26-2016 11:15 PM
  3. artie's Avatar
    Thank you, I appreciate it.
    05-26-2016 11:27 PM
  4. artie's Avatar
    Thank you.
    05-27-2016 10:27 PM
  5. SkaterGuy2k's Avatar
    I am currently using Kaspersky Internet Security. I have been using them for a long while on my families and friends computers with no issues. So when a friend suggested to use it on the phone I installed it and I haven't had any issues since I purchased my s7 a couple months ago. My buddy is using it on an s5 and has no issue with how it runs there at all. I'm very satisfied with the performance and security. Definitely recommend for your phone and pc, 1 box does 3 devices.

    I usually buy them on boxing day for $19-$24 for a year or 18 months.

    Good luck and enjoy

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    05-28-2016 12:32 AM
  6. artie's Avatar
    Thanks for your input.
    05-28-2016 12:49 AM
  7. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    I don't use them. I don't think there is a need to use them as long as you don't allow applications from unknown sources to be installed in the settings.

    Having said that, I know a fellow who works at Lookout. I can't vouch for their results when looking for malware, but I can say the way they handle and protect your data once it reaches their servers is excellent. That's important.
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    05-28-2016 02:22 AM
  8. artie's Avatar
    Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.
    05-28-2016 07:24 PM
  9. bgesullo's Avatar
    I really only use lookout myself. Other virus apps are memory hogs and slow down your phone. Have been using lookout since day one and its a great app to have.
    06-03-2016 12:02 PM
  10. artie's Avatar
    Thank you very much.
    06-03-2016 12:10 PM

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