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    Just bought this devise to replace my iPhone 5s.
    Out of the box and in the first call I made they couldn’t hear me… I said ok… “it’s new I have to set it up” so I start looking around the settings. Sometime later it stopped doing it so I finished setting it up, putted my favorite apps, transferred all my photos and contacts from my iPhone (hopefully I created a total iTunes backup before resetting to factory defaults).
    The problem is:
    a) When I make a call I can’t here (no sound at all from the other side) unless I put it on “speaker mode”. At the same time and with the speaker mode off when I press the “extra volume” button it popups "Unable to use extra volume range while earphones are connected"…WITHOUT having the earphones CONNECTED.
    b) To test it I used Samsung Voice Recorder. When I open the application, a popup at the bottom is saying: "External microphone will be used to record audio" …WITHOUT having the earphones connected again.
    And when I press the record button another popup appears "Recording with external audio"…WITHOUT having the earphones connected again.
    c) when I connect the earphone jack I listen & record nicely
    d) Sometimes popups a “The location fd://24 cannot be played
    It’s like always for some reason believes that the earphone jack is connected. Rarely works ok for some seconds but it stops pretty soon…
    I made a video with the problems. Sorry for the camera angles… I’m not a pro…

    Anybody knows if it’s a software problem/bug that can be fixed or it’s hardware?

    I don’t know… pretty disappointing, it’s too expensive to have this problems. Feels like I left macOS for windows 98 and loosing precious time again to google & fix, problems and i'm too old for this…

    thanks in advance
    04-22-2017 11:42 AM

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