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    some questions here on the s8 active after using for a few weeks.....

    New to this phone and upgraded from the s6 active....hoping someone can help answer some of these questions...a few of these are driving me nuts...hoping they are quick fixes....any help greatly appreciated.

    1. on the lock screen how do I change the clock screen display? I dont want to do the ALWAYS ON display. but hate how the clock is two digits at the top and bottom by default. any way to make it a standard clock time that reads horizontally without changing the theme??

    2. minor one...when connected to wifi connection and phone is unlocked after the notifications bar has been cleared is there a way to keep the wifi connection status connected to on display? sometimes it is there like s6. then when I clear it goes away. kind of odd

    3. the volume rocker on left side...can that be used to just control ringtone volume-up/down all the way to vibrate and silent mode like all other prior samsung phones??? now it seems defaulted to just controlling media sound which I have never seen before.

    4. what is the advance messaging read receipts for? samsung to samsung phones? I have never seen read receipts before when texting a samsung user. curious how that works? I have read receipts on but never see it used? I know many people may just be on Iphone but what about samsung to samsung?

    5.Also, is there a way for the phone screen to light up upon a notification when it is locked other than when a phone call is being received?

    Used to be when a text or email, etc. hit the phone it would light up upon vibrate or sound notification so can see on the lock screen. Now it just vibrates but screen stays black.
    08-29-2017 08:17 PM
  2. JORENO's Avatar
    Settings/Lock Screen and Security

    I would post a pick, but the app will not give me the option.
    08-29-2017 11:23 PM

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