1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have notification sounds downloaded from Zedge on my SD card
    that I would like to use, I can't seem to find a way to get the notifications to find them.
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    08-20-2017 04:22 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    For system notifications I believe they need to be saved to the notifications or ringtone folders in your internal memory, otherwise only apps with ringtone settings will be able to see those.
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    08-20-2017 09:16 PM
  3. chanchan05's Avatar
    Are you picking save to device?

    Also you need to set them in the Zedge app.
    08-20-2017 09:43 PM
  4. ElvinSloth's Avatar
    Changing the notification sounds on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

    Swipe from the top to down on your screen in order to see the Notification Shade.
    In the top right corner is a settings button, click on it.
    Click on Sounds and Vibration
    Click on Notification Sounds
    This screen will allow you to adjust several things such as message notifications, S Planner Notifications and Device notifications
    Click on the Default Notification Sound if you would like to change your device notification sound.
    To preview a sound file, simply tap on its name and select this file
    Save your sound selection by clicking on the back button which will return you to the previous screen
    08-20-2017 11:04 PM
  5. PachucoBro's Avatar
    Ever figure it out...? It is strange that the Ringtone list has an option at the bottom that says "+ Add from phone" and when selecting it I can add a file from a selection of places, BUT that option is not on the list for the Notifications.

    Another stupid thing is that once I selected to choose my Ringtone file from the Verizon Cloud, it no longer gives me an option to select a file from off of my phone! SMH
    01-17-2018 07:52 PM
  6. mrsjld2's Avatar
    Bear with my explanation here - I might not get it all explained perfectly, but I think you'll understand.

    1. In Zedge, download the notification(s) you want.
    2. In the Samsung folder on the apps menu, go into "my files" and click on the "audio"/music note icon.
    3. Choose Notifications.
    4. You should see the files you downloaded from Zedge.
    5. Highlight/Select (hold down on) the file/sound - it will have an orange check mark to the left of it.
    6. On the top right menu - three dots - choose "move" and "internal storage" - scroll down to "notifications," choose it, and click "done" in the top right corner.
    7. Go into contacts. Choose the person for whom you want the custom notification.
    8. Choose "details," "edit," and "view more" and "message tone."
    9. In the list, you should now see the downloaded/moved/saved tones you added. Choose it - there is no "save changes" button, but if you hit the back arrow after you choose it, you should see the name of the tone listed next to "message tone" on the contact's information.
    02-18-2018 06:59 PM
  7. Suzymagic's Avatar
    Thank you thank you thank you!
    05-10-2018 11:47 PM
  8. Jacob Bunburry's Avatar
    Great job on putting the saved notification sounds (I use Zedge also) into the Notification, internal storage folder! Worked like a charm!!
    Yesterday 10:13 AM
  9. Rukbat's Avatar
    Having notifications in Notifications, alarms in Alarms, ringtones in Ringtones (case counts in all of them) has been standard since Android. (But making another Notifications folder somewhere should also still work. You can make a Zedge folder, then 3 folders inside that, and save the appropriate files to the appropriate folders. I used to have them all in an mp3 folder that was in a Music folder.)
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    Yesterday 01:33 PM

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