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    I just noticed a very strange audible sound after when restarting my S9 phone due to an update.

    When the phone entered the Secure Startup (internal device encryption) password prompt, after every 2 minutes I start to hear this audible sound similar to a keystroke sound on the S9 keyboard.

    The sound starts after every 2 minutes of idle, meaning not tapping on anything from the password prompt. However, when I tap into the password field box, the sound is no longer present.

    For those of you who have an S9 and has Secure Startup (Internal Device Encryption) enabled, can you please do a test to see if anyone else hears this audible pulsing sound after every 2 minutes without tapping on anything while at the password prompt?

    My guess, would be that this is probably a feature for those who are visually impaired or blind. But I may be incorrect.
    03-07-2019 03:01 AM

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