1. andy_e's Avatar

    Wondered if anyone can help - If I am trying to reply to a post on a website forum, when I tap into the reply message box the keyboard comes up but as I type the webpage scrolls back to the top of the page to I can't see the textbox that I am typing in. Is this normal or am I missing something ?

    Thanks for looking !

    05-28-2013 09:14 AM
  2. Bosbouer's Avatar
    Try one of the free keyboards in the playstore. Swiftkey can be resized

    Also try the website/forum in "Desktop Mode" usually helps a lot
    05-28-2013 01:24 PM
  3. whoa its len 2's Avatar
    This happens to me as well. Sometimes touching the type box twice works. But other forums the page automatically scrolls back to the top no matter what making typing a blind task.
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    05-30-2013 11:32 AM
  4. andy_e's Avatar
    Bosbouer - I tried both of those options but no luck, thanks for the suggestions though.

    Len - Glad it is not just me then, I'll try touching the box twice and see how i get on.

    Thanks for the replies !
    05-30-2013 12:20 PM
  5. juntjoo's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm very tired of this along with having to search the web for everything annoying flaw in Google's products when they should have a one stop place to address their numerous problems that we all have to live with it seems. They should at least sell us a physical android punching bag, simply a blown up android doll we can punch like about every time we use our Google overtaken devices. So uh.. anyone have a better keyboard they can suggest? And evil mr Google if you're reading, right, you can go to hell if you're not already there in your throne giggling and googling at us struggling at your mercy.
    06-26-2015 09:11 PM
  6. ckbrown01's Avatar
    I had the same thing happen to me and I played around with it until I found a solution. Here it is:

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy 4. Not sure if the keyboard has changed on the S7.

    Hold down the icon to the right of the "Sym" at the bottom of the keyboard (it looks kind of like a microphone). This brings up 7 more icons. Tap the last one on the right. (It looks like a keyboard). It should take you to the full keyboard where you can once again see your entire text you are typing. Going through this process again, will take you back to the smaller keyboard that covers up what you are typing. Just toggle back and forth to get what you want. Hope this helps anyone else in the future.
    07-08-2016 08:34 PM
  7. Orlimar1's Avatar
    Very useful tip - thank you!
    10-14-2016 02:19 PM
  8. rapidroy2's Avatar
    I want thank you all, ESPECIALLY ckbrown01, for validating my problem as others figured I was just dumb, and for a viable "Quick Fix"!

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    12-14-2016 12:28 PM
  9. ronjfox24's Avatar
    I too. Have the same thing suggested above sounds promising I will repost on my success or failure Thank you
    03-20-2018 08:36 PM
  10. tmerr7@gmail.com's Avatar
    This worked
    Go to apps, where they list all apps.
    Press on messaging app
    Then force shut down
    Then turn off the note8 in my case
    The turn on
    I guess this reset the messaging app
    05-11-2018 11:36 AM

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