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    Hi guys, this is my i guess review? ) of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 (T700) and the Sandisk Extreme PLUS 32gb. So please bear with me. =))

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4
    First: The Screen
    - I have to say, hands down to Samsung for making this kind of display. I compared it to my Mother's iPad Mini (Retina) and the colors are just AMAZING!!! Just like Joshua Vergara from android authority says "It just wants to punch you in the face". My phone is the Galaxy S4 which is also an Super AMOLED display but when you compare it side by side the colors on the Tab S is MUCH better.

    Second: Gaming + Memory Card
    - On the gaming department i'm currently addicted to Riptide GP 2. Playing it on Max Resolution with all the effects turned on, had experience VERY minimal to none lag/stutter issue. I included the memory card because the game was transferred to the memory card. As i've mentioned earlier, the game still runs smoothly even though it is in the memory card.

    Regarding with the overheating issue i feel it warm but not to the point that the back cover of the tablet will be deformed.

    Third: Build Quality
    - It's not that bad, but also not the good. I'm not that very curios whether it's plastic, metal or glass build as long as it does job done.

    Fourth: Sounds
    - Speakers are very loud, but it can be easily covered by the hand specially when using it in landscape mode.

    Fifth: Battery Life
    - As Joshua Vergara said in his review of the Tab S 8.4. I also did a Breaking Bad marathon. And Yes. It can do 10 episodes of the 50mins to 1 hour series. =))

    Sandisk Extreme PLUS 32gb
    As said earlier i moved Riptide GP 2 on my memory card and still can play the game flawlessly with all the settings on max, also i try playing 1080p movies from the memory card and i had no issues what so ever. I've been a big fan of the sandisk line up. On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505) i'm currently using Sandisk Ultra 32GB. I've had it since May 2013 (same date as the phone) and still in perfect condition up to date.

    Well that's about it. ) If you read it until here thank you very much! Also, if you have question feel free to ask. Just quote the post so i will be notified.
    Attached Thumbnails Experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (T700) and Sandisk Extreme PLUS 32gb-screenshot_2014-08-01-22-49-54.jpg  
    08-01-2014 11:14 AM

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