1. Johnny Zero's Avatar
    Samsung is shipping kernel version 3.4.0 with Android 5.1.1.

    But, according to this, version 3.4.0 is dated back in the Jelly Bean era:
    Which Android runs which Linux kernel? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

    My question is, WHY?
    01-23-2016 07:13 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Only Samsung can answer that. Stability? "It works, so why spend money rewriting a newer one?" Supporting a version costs money, supporting 2 versions costs twice as much? There could be many reasons.

    They did change. After June 2, 2014, they came out with a later mod of 3.40, because someone had come up with a root exploit that used a bug in the kernel.
    01-24-2016 10:54 AM
  3. Johnny Zero's Avatar
    01-25-2016 11:29 AM
  4. Inc Xoonity's Avatar
    they avoid to rewrite touchwiz and other app from samsung.
    01-29-2016 08:33 AM

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