1. tech addicted's Avatar
    I have a moto x and considering to get the sony z2 whats your experience if you had the moto before how is signal etc...?
    Apreaciated !
    04-30-2014 12:23 PM
  2. Jdane07's Avatar
    I had the Moto X a couple phones ago. It was nice. I thought it was a good size, and had a great feel to it.

    If you're going straight from a Moto X to a Z2 you're going to have quite the adjustment. While I love how the Z2 feels, it will seem very big and cumbersome compared to the Moto X.

    Signal seems the same to me with all my devices.

    Software wise I prefer the Moto X.

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    04-30-2014 01:08 PM

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