Contacts Picture on Watch


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Apr 12, 2017
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I can't believe that no one has ever commented on this after all these years of the Moto 360

On my Moto 360 FIRST Gen, when I get a call where I have their picture stored with their phone number, I see the ENTIRE screen filled with their picture on the WATCH when they call me.
Their phone number is super imposed over their picture.


Fast forward to the time after my old Moto Z2 died and my new Z4 does not connect to my Moto First Gen watch.
So, I bought the Moto 360 THIRD gen.
Now, when my caller calls that has a picture associated with their number on my phone, I get a TINY, Tiny,Tiny inset picture of my caller.


What about the Moto 360 SECOND Gen?
1. Will my Moto Z4 connect to it (running the latest Wear Os)
2. Is the ENTIRE screen FILLED with the picture of my caller.
3. Is it dependent of the watch size, 42mm or 46 mm?

Thanks for your help