1. Over-iOS's Avatar
    I bought the Evo 3D when it came out at best buy and got the buy back program just incase this phone did come to sprint.....

    well that day is here but the buy back program will only give me back 350.00 for the evo3D that means id have to spit out 350.00 to meet the retail price of the SGSII....

    on the other hand if i open another line which will only cost me an extra 20.00 a month (family plan) i can get the phone for 200.00 plus ill get the 350.00 back from best buy for the evo3D only itll be in best buy bucks or what ever.

    so i might buy a product i know i can sell on ebay or something with those 350.00 like a (tablet) and then retrieve some of that money back then maybe pay the ETF for that line..........

    did this make any sense at all?
    anyone see any fault in my plan ?
    am i totally crazy ?
    am i still typing?
    its sunday that means boats and hoes, so im out...... thanks for playing...
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    09-18-2011 10:11 AM
  2. Linkchomp's Avatar
    .... Well at least you now know that Best Buy doesn't live up to their name.

    If I were you, I'd see what Sprint offers for the Evo 3D and return it there, that way you can use it to pay off your etf.
    09-18-2011 11:08 AM
  3. tkemack's Avatar
    Sprint offers $135 but only charges $499 for this phone

    sent from my Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic longest phone name in the world Touch 4G
    09-18-2011 11:10 AM
  4. denn020's Avatar
    I purchased the Nexus 4g for $149 from best buy plus the buy back program on release day. I gave the phone back last week and got a $400 gift card. Yesterday I went back to best buy and asked them to match the Sprint off contract price of $499. They did and I ended up paying $129.99 out the door...

    Buy back worked out great for me......
    09-18-2011 07:55 PM
  5. kevinchaos's Avatar
    Yeah you can price match sprint's price for the phone. The AT&T version will be $649 retail at Best Buy. So that should translate to $449 at AT&T.
    09-18-2011 08:38 PM
  6. Over-iOS's Avatar
    o0o0o0oo i like this idea guys, thanks alot im gonna go around to all the local BB and try and see if they price match the phone :-)
    09-19-2011 09:26 PM
  7. syphonkusanagi's Avatar
    Yeah, they said that with a two year contract I would have gotten it for like 150 or 200. But without upgrade it was 699, which is absolutely horrible. However, they said with tradein of my Epic I would have had to pay like 300 or 350. I don't think it's that bad, since I can't actually add a line to the account, because it is my mom's account and basically our whole family is on it, lol. However, I would still like to have my Epic as a backup, because otherwise I have to use my blackberry Every sprint store and best buy in a 100mi radius (at least) is out, and the lady at Best Buy was having to call Nebraska just to see if she could get a phone shipped to her, lol. I thought it was funny, but she apparently really wants one, too! I will probably wait a little bit, though.
    09-19-2011 10:01 PM
  8. twennywonn's Avatar
    Ask the Mobile manager if they will match most will.
    09-19-2011 10:46 PM
  9. madkaw's Avatar
    I had a back up plan in case my epic didnt show up a the corporate store. I got a BB pre order as well the day before launch with a gift card. Yes my local BB let me pre order it. The mobile manager said she would price match the 499. Ended up not needing it as the sprint store was good on stock so I used the BB gift card on new headphones.
    09-20-2011 06:32 AM
  10. Over-iOS's Avatar
    So BB finally got the phone in my area and they wont price match Sprint so i can use the buy back program :-/.......no bueno
    10-04-2011 10:00 AM
  11. error4o4's Avatar
    And this is why the buy back is pointless (honestly a scam)

    Over-iOS - I sold my 3d on Craigslist for 310$ no problem..

    Try that route! Good luck
    10-04-2011 12:56 PM
  12. arieljanae19's Avatar
    Yea i would so sprint and not ad on another line to have to pay terminatiofees later on for a phone. I saved up and sold sprint my cracked eve and got the phone for 3 somethin. Much cheaper than 700 tthough. If u feel that trading it at best buy looks like less money go for it but o wouldn't add another line they asked me to and i said hell no lol
    10-04-2011 02:20 PM