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    I know it's probably been asked a hundred times, but what can I do now that my phone is rooted? The reason I did it in the first place was so I could use the PS3 controller with emulators, now I don't know what else to do!

    Can someone please help with stuff that is worth doing? IE tethering, good themes... what else??

    Thank you!
    10-24-2011 01:46 AM
  2. Airwolf79's Avatar
    First, I would get Titanium Backup so u can backup all ur apps and freeze some of the bloatware. Its worth getting the paid version so u can do batch backups and restores (vs having to do each app one by one) .
    Then get this: Screen Grabber. http://market.android.com/details?id...aze.screengrab

    And this: Wireless Tether. http://market.android.com/details?id=android.tether

    IMO, its not really necessary to flash different roms on this phone, but I would proly be more inclined to do it if we had unlocked bootloader with 4g working, and of course if there were more dev support with more roms to choose from. But I still love this phone.
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    10-24-2011 03:30 AM
  3. thinknate's Avatar
    Answered your question in this very-similarly-titled thread:

    10-24-2011 04:00 PM