1. buddha112572's Avatar
    I'm due a upgrade at the end of the month and I'm try to decide which phone to get. My wife and I both the the HTC Evo Shifts, rooted running CM7. I'm looking to jump to Samsung either SG3 or SG4, either one should be a major upgrade but I think I'll miss the qwerty keyboard.

    Are the Samsung's easy to root?

    Is there a easy way to transfer all of the app data? or is this just going to be a case up suck it up and live with it since I'll be changing manufactures.
    04-03-2013 12:56 PM
  2. GiantJay's Avatar
    Samsung's are probably the easiest phones to root, they come with the bootloaders unlocked. I would definitely go for the S4 unless money is very tight. What kind of app data do you want to backup exactly? There are different apps to back up app data out there such as, https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ikdutta.backup

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    04-08-2013 05:20 AM
  3. buddha112572's Avatar
    I've been using TitanumBackup, but didn't know if I could load the backup for a HTC on another device.
    04-08-2013 09:27 AM
  4. lafester's Avatar
    unless its a device specific app what would the problem be? just copy the titanium folder over to your new device.
    04-08-2013 08:13 PM
  5. buddha112572's Avatar
    Ok wasn't sure it would work.

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    04-08-2013 08:25 PM

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