1. adamMST's Avatar
    Hey guys ive seen this in a bunch of threads none atrix specific and none that really explain what could cause this. My device is not rooted it is totally stock. A couple times during the last week or so i have got this error and my phone will lose all network connection. Then it just returns back to functioning normally. Anyone know why this is/can happen?
    06-12-2012 03:12 PM
  2. Ghostdad's Avatar

    Same exact thing. Have tried everything. Considering installing a new phone.apk in the system/app

    If not that will do a full wipe and reflash, though the many threads I read it will come back.

    I'm getting this on AOKPCB Build 37 which I installed yesterday reinstalled all my programs played with it for hours. Then this morning after instaling a game (which i since uninstalled) this started happening.

    Please see my thread here regarding same: [Q] AOKPCB - "com.android.phone has stopped working" - xda-developers
    06-14-2012 01:02 PM