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    Hey folks:

    I've been scouring the internet, and I haven't been able to find an answer to a simple question.

    I currently own a Nokia Lumia 920 (which I do love, by the way), but I'm really intrigued with the Note 2, and thinking about adding a second line to purchase it. I have owned an iPhone, Android devices, and of course, devices with my current OS of choice, Windows Phone.

    I just want to know if Android Jellybean on the Note 2 performs as smoothly as iOS and Windows Phone, or is it still a matter of sacrificing a bit of smoothness for customization/functionality?

    And just a disclaimer: I'm not at all attempting to provoke any kind of flame war, or heated debate. I just want to get an honest answer to a question which will decide whether or not I'll drop 3 bills on another piece of tech.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    12-05-2012 12:37 AM
  2. DroidXcon's Avatar
    Its really smooth I have not had any lag at all its a far cry from what it was yrs ago. Using this phone makes an iphone seem so far behind. The S pen and its accompanying applications is something iphones simply does not have to challenge with

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    12-05-2012 12:55 AM
  3. Mickeywdw1254's Avatar
    Not to mention the screen size alone makes it worth the upgrade. I practically use my phone for 98% of the tasks I would do on a laptop or tablet. Web surfing, games, watching tv via Slingplayer, documents, printing PayPal labels, taking/viewing/editing photos and videos. Granted many other devices can do those things too but it seems soo much faster on the Note 2 and the larger screen makes it easier to do than on smaller devices. I don't think I can ever go back to a screen smaller than 5 in.

    To answer your main question...I am an avid rooter but this is the first phone I won't be rooting because it is already fast enough and customizable enough out of the box.

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    12-05-2012 07:42 AM
  4. aggie's Avatar
    Combine Jelly Bean and the power this thing has under the hood and you have one of the smoothest running android devices you will see. I'm sure the Nexus 4 might be a little smoother but it operates every bit as smooth if not moreso than my Galaxy Nexus did with Jelly Bean and by far better than my GS3 on ICS. In comparison to the iPhone 5 I tried for a month I find it as responsive if not a bit more and believe it or not experienced more crashes on the iPhone 5. Trust me it is faaaast and I've yet to experience any lag or stutter. While there are devices like the DNA and Nexus 4 with slightly more powerful processors (S4 Pro), the combination of hardware and capabilities of the Note 2 make it the most powerful device on the market in my opinion. I will probably get a Nexus 4 to tinker with but the Note 2 is going to be my workhorse for the near future.
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    12-05-2012 08:40 AM
  5. Mickeywdw1254's Avatar
    I almost forgot about the battery life too. I easily get a full day on one charge with about 20% left around 9pm but that is with heavy use.

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    12-05-2012 08:42 AM
  6. aggie's Avatar
    I almost forgot about the battery life too. I easily get a full day on one charge with about 20% left around 9pm but that is with heavy use.

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    YES. How could I forget that. Not only is the battery huge but the Exynos 4412 processor is very efficient. This is the first Android device I've had where I do not constantly have to worry about finding somewhere to plug it in. I easily have a third of the battery life left when I plug it in at night and I use my phone pretty heavy. Anywhere from 3-5 hours "screen on" time. In fact, I can barely tell a difference between the International Note 2 I had before the AT&T one which only operated on HSPA+. I bought the Note 2 on a whim, kind of a wild hair purchase if you will, just to try it out and see with full intention of selling my iPhone 5 and purchasing the Nexus 4 (and returning my Note 2). Well the iPhone 5 is gone and there's no way I'm giving the Note 2 up for the Nexus or anything else.
    12-05-2012 10:24 AM
  7. InnocuousScreenname's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies, everyone. I just went to the AT&T store down the street from my workplace during my lunch hour to tinker with the Galaxy Note 2. I am very impressed. It's on par with iOS and Windows Phone in terms of smoothness.

    Now I gotta decide whether or not to pull the trigger on getting another line, or maybe getting it off contract at Best Buy on my store card with interest free financing for a year and a half. There's also the possibility of falling back into my rooting/flashing addiction (which was the main reason I left Android in the first place).

    Kernels and modems and ROMS, oh my.
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    12-05-2012 01:35 PM
  8. Victor R's Avatar
    I cant honestly tell the difference between the iphone and note 2 as far as smoothness is concerned. I haven not missed my iphone at all since buying
    12-05-2012 10:07 PM
  9. infmethod's Avatar
    Jelly Bean has taken care of all the lag and stuttering Android used to do. Im at the point where I have sold my tablet and pc and use my Note 2 for literally everything. I get roughly 7 hours of screen on for a full charge which is insane for any mobile with a display this large. Its insanely fast and the s pen is just amazing for my needs. Say goodbye to all other devices for the next year.

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    12-05-2012 10:14 PM

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