1. aclerk's Avatar
    ok...so here's the issue. i have a 64 gb sd card, however i made it so the sd card acts as the internal storage and the internal storage is external.

    however, when using google play, i noticed that it still saves it to the 'external' which used to be the 'internal' storage.

    how do i change this? is there a setting i can change?

    and where are the music files saved to? i am unable to find it when using xplore.

    03-08-2013 05:59 PM
  2. rankar7's Avatar
    can you let us know how you did the switch?

    also, the music files are typically stored here: sdcard/android/data/com.google.music/files/music
    03-08-2013 06:41 PM
  3. aclerk's Avatar
    i actually dont recall. i read it here somewhere but can't find the threat. i basically rooted my phone, then used SU and SManager and did something so the external acts as the internal and vice versa.
    03-09-2013 01:36 AM

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