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    Forever | The Perfects | Music Video | MTV
    Hi there!!

    Nice to meet everyone.

    Back in Feb of this year me and my girlfriend who you will see in the music video above took a road trip out west from the east to attend the GRAMMY Awards. We traveled mostly along old RT66 and along the way I captured some amazing moments of our journey to put to a song I wrote for her called Forever for my band The Perfects.

    The entire video was shot exclusively with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I did use a lens attachment kit that came with a tripod purchased from Amazon for $40. The two lends I used in addition to the built in lens on the Note 2 was a zoom and a fish eye.

    I edited the music video using a modified Imovie 11 which allowed me to use some Final Cut plugins.

    Forever debuted on MTV.com May 31st and on June 1st it because the Most Popular > Most Shared music video on their website

    If you like the video, please give it a "like" and a "tweet" and show everyone what can be done with this amazing device from Samsung!

    Here is the Vevo link for the same video in HD because MTV.com does not encode for HD
    Forever - The Perfects

    Feel free to hit me back with any questions about the process, filming, editing, etc and thanks for checking it out!
    06-02-2013 12:41 AM
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    Most popular? I clicked the link and vevo says its had 71 views. While ill agree the phone is awesome, the camera is not part of that statement. Its not bad but it does have some pretty nasty low light problems. Nice vid btw. Not really my taste in music but a good job none-the-less. For the next video id like to see some screamo filmed on the note 2. Something like this perhaps? since the note 2 can do fast motion and slow motion photography id try some of that in your next vid. While not technically screamo it might make for a decent video using simple technichues provided by samsung.

    How did you record the audio? I assume its from a professionally made track with a video editor to sync your recorded video to. Im not familiar with video editing AT ALL so I dont really know what goes into the process.

    Edit...my bad...I just went back and reread your post and I see that you wrote the song for your band. Im guessing screamo isnt going to happen lol.

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    06-02-2013 11:45 AM

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