1. DroidBehavior's Avatar
    Turn your phone off
    Boot into download mode (volume down + power)
    Accept warning by pressing volume up
    Start Odin
    Use the PDA entry in Odin, choose the recovery you downloaded above
    Connect your phone to your computer
    Press the start button in Odin

    When finished, use SuperOneClick to root the device. You now have Clockwork recovery, and a rooted, stock ROM.

    volume down + power doesnt do anything and if i do up + down at the same time and power i go into recovery mode not download mode, and i can only go into that odin mode when my usb is plugged in prior to holding the up and down

    and at this point when i select the .tar and hit start it says failed, not sure what i am doing wrong

    edit: nm i dont know why but now it worked, i unplugged and replugged several times before it decided to work

    so what now? im not sure what cwm is exactly, do i use it b4 i download a new rom? i just downloaded rom manager and the first option is to flash clockwork recovery mod, didnt i already do that via the first few steps in the guide to rooting?

    ok i went ahead and flashed clock work, and through rom manager i did back up my rom and it failed

    i noticed when my s2 boots up it says i9100 where my model should be i777, not sure if that is normal but i did everything the guide said and it seems other people have the same issue

    so basically my CWM doesnt work eveyrthin i do says failed, its

    hmm what should i do i feel like i ed up some where but i used 3 guides that all had the exact same steps n files, im thinking i want to restart over from scratch but not sure how..from unrooting to rooting
    11-30-2011 05:10 PM
  2. Lawrence of a Labia's Avatar
    1. Try repeating the process again. Just follow the guide at xda-developers.com. You should have a rooted phone without any issues.

    2. Read this FAQ about the SGS2. It should have the answers to most of your questions.
    12-01-2011 02:12 AM