1. RevMen's Avatar
    Does the G2's Froyo have a unified inbox? I just moved from a Blackberry 9700 to a Vibrant and I'm not totally happy. I miss Blackberry's easy integration between different communication mediums. I've heard that some Froyo phones have a unified inbox, similar to Blackberry, but haven't heard whether the G2 does.
    10-04-2010 04:54 PM
  2. NoSpin's Avatar
    Yes it does, I can have my hotmail and school emails in the same inbox (I THINK I can even add Gmail to that). Don't necessarily like that though, so I keep them separate.
    10-04-2010 07:22 PM
  3. RevMen's Avatar
    But can you also have your texts in the inbox?
    10-05-2010 11:37 AM
  4. NoSpin's Avatar
    I don't see an option to do that. Texts go in "Messaging" only it seems, not sure if you can have it any other way.
    10-05-2010 03:04 PM
  5. KB3MMX's Avatar
    Wow, texts and all email accounts in one box lumped together, what a mess!!
    No thanks !!
    I'd have a mountain to sort out every day !!
    I really like being able to open the email app and tap which account to open and
    have the number of unopened messages displayed on the box for
    each account.
    10-08-2010 01:28 PM
  6. aceman118's Avatar
    I can't imagine why you would want your texts in your inbox. Doesn't everything recent show up in the notification area similar to the messages on blackberry?

    Blackberry's "messages" folder isnt a unified inbox. It is a folder that has all your recent notifications. Emails, texts, phone calls, etc.
    10-08-2010 01:50 PM
  7. bjb_nyj101's Avatar
    Blackberry's "messages" folder isnt a unified inbox. It is a folder that has all your recent notifications. Emails, texts, phone calls, etc.
    It is a unified inbox.
    10-09-2010 05:08 AM
  8. Smokexz's Avatar
    I have no idea how anyone could want that, I had a BlackBerry and I always hid the messages icon, it was such a mess. I know what RIM was going for but I just didn't feel like it was efficient. No way you can do that, as far as I know anyway. Check the market

    Sent from my T-Mobile G2
    10-09-2010 08:56 AM
  9. RevMen's Avatar
    The unified inbox was fantastic. It lets you communicate with people, not worry about modes of communication. Here are a few example scenarios:

    -Someone writes me on my work e-mail address, but I want to move the conversation to my personal e-mail. I just select the e-mail address I want to send from on the message screen. Doesn't matter where it came from, I can send a reply with any account I want.

    -Someone texts asking me to call them. While the text is still on the screen, I hit the menu key and click "call." 2 keystrokes to make a phone call while looking at whoever sent me a message. Same for e-mails in my inbox.

    -Suppose I got an e-mail last week from someone who said they were thinking of going to a show, but I can't remember the details. I scroll down the inbox, find the message, see that the show is tonight, and want to find out if they're still going. With the email still on the screen... Menu -> Send SMS. Or Menu -> Call.

    You don't have to bother with switching around between programs to communicate with people. You just communicate. Blackberry will be the king of fast, efficient communication for quite some time.

    Anyway, I actually brought home a G2 today. There isn't a single inbox like there is on Blackberry. And that's OK. I'm getting used to using separate programs for texting, emailing and such. It's not nearly as elegant as Blackberry, but I'm enjoying the wide variety of apps and I intend to start writing some myself.
    10-09-2010 08:00 PM
  10. fanton's Avatar
    I can tell that you never had a blackberry... it is one in box for your regular mail and one inbox for your bberry mail ....... and there is one inbox for your messages whether they are text or msm... the thing is that in bberry everything is integrated while in android everything is separated. Like in bberry you can actually choose your notifications for text messages or phone calls or e-mails ...androids don't have that. Either rings or vibrate in general for phone calls and messages or is silent. See in bberry you can choose indivual rings or vibrations for every thing.
    10-09-2010 08:41 PM