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    I've had my NS for less then a week. I synced MP3s to it from my WMP. The stock music player doesn't see the music. About once in 3 reboots it may pick up the files. The file structure is sdcard/Music/artist/... If I use a file manager I can path to the MP3s and manually play each one if I click on them. Any idea what could be causing this?

    Thanks in advance,
    I9020 w/ Android 2.3.2

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    02-08-2011 09:25 PM
  2. Smokexz's Avatar
    Try to use Doubetwist.... it can sync without any software on the Android device, its petty good.

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    02-08-2011 09:31 PM
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    I'll try that out. Thank you!


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    02-09-2011 08:01 AM
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    Hmmm.. I think I'm having bigger problems. I downloaded Doubletwist to try it out. It produced the same thing, it couldn't see any of the music on my phone. It's almost like the phone can't see the internal memory. I then realized that none of my custom ringtones that I put on the phone were working either. So for the heck of it I deleted my sdcard\Music folder (the folder that I synced over from Windows Media Player). That folder contained only 800mb of music on it. After I deleted the folder the phone was able to see my custom ringtones. Both of the media players actually pulled up those ring tones within their playlists at that time too.

    Any other ideas as to what may be causing this problem? I would like to be able to put music on my phone to use it as a MP3 player too.

    Thanks again,
    02-09-2011 09:34 AM
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    Try physically adding each song... same way media player did it, MUSIC/ARTIST/ALBUM/ it could just be media player, if not return it.

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    02-09-2011 11:25 PM
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    i manually added each song and it works perfect on mine just put it into the mass storage my structure is sdcard/music/then the various artists with their albums in their subfolders
    02-10-2011 06:32 AM
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    I'll give that a try tonight. So do you think the sync method through WMP may be causing an issue and "corrupting" it somehow?

    Thanks again,
    02-10-2011 10:03 AM
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    idk if it is corrupting or encoding to the point where they just simply arent being recognized. but try manually before exchanging the unit.
    02-10-2011 11:01 AM
  9. Tdavis75's Avatar
    I manually copied over about 800mb of MP3s. So far everything is working (knock on wood). I've even restarted and it's still working. I'll let you know if it happens again.

    02-11-2011 09:17 AM
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    I had a similiar issue, and what was happening was I had a voicemail, so when i rebooted the phone, while it was booting and said "preparing sd card" if i got any type of notification before that was done, i would get the generic beeping and all my files in the "sd card" storage would not mount. When i cleared the notification and rebooted and provided i didnt get an email notification before it was done preparing the sd card, everything mounted fine.
    02-11-2011 01:03 PM
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    I manually copied over about 800mb of MP3s. So far everything is working (knock on wood). I've even restarted and it's still working. I'll let you know if it happens again.

    yea it appears the error occured in the syncing process which is good that there was no corruption.
    02-11-2011 01:06 PM
  12. qnet's Avatar
    Hello everyone. I just bought a Nexus S. I had previously had this issue when I had the N1. When I got the Mytouch 4G a friend of mine told me about Isync. It's a really good program and, much better than Double-twist for syncing songs from your Itunes IMO.

    I still use Double-twist as a music player but, Isync for syncing. One thing I had to do, once I copied all my songs with Isync was, go into the settings of the Isync program and uncheck " Auto clean old playlist" Once I did that, all my music and playlists showed up.

    Hope that helps.
    02-15-2011 10:54 PM