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    Hi all!

    I received the ICS ver. 4.0.3 OTA 6 days after I received the Google Nexus S in the middle of December, I let the update go on, but had as many other problems with power consumption. There was another strange problem with Maps/Navigation, best as I was driving along the road "the lady" began to read a text that sounds roughly like this:" http://www.w3.org/2001/"+ something more where the word livetstr (tree of life) is included, it is running like that in endless loop until I stop navigation, language is Danish. This problem is still there after back to factory setting, maybe it was wrong to select restore the apps when I reset the phone? But is there anyone who understands/can explain what goes wrong with Maps/Navi "lady" hoping for help here/Is it phone or Andorid update that makes the problem?

    My Nexus S is EU model I9023 IML74K. Stock Android
    BTW. power consumption are much better now

    Sorry for my bad English

    02-04-2012 06:28 AM
  2. Cory Streater's Avatar
    That problem is definitely one I haven't heard of before, but you are correct that it is probably related to the restore feature. Particularly when upgrading to a new OS release. I would factory reset and start over.
    02-04-2012 09:44 AM
  3. karoelle's Avatar
    Thanks Cory!

    I will do a factory setting and be back when I know the outcome.

    Some people here sayes that the update has bug, the update vas stopped by Google,
    but my update came OTA and I am stuck with it.

    02-05-2012 11:21 AM
  4. SandyDoxy's Avatar
    I'm not trying to be forum police or anything, but this section is for the AT&T Nexus S (9020a), which has not had an OTA ICS update (as far as I know).

    So most of the readers here do not have an OTA ICS update, and probably won't be your best resource for help with your problem. I would suggest that if you still have trouble after Cory's suggestion, you post in a forum more tailored for your flavor of Nexus S.

    On the bright side - we're all jealous of your ICS phone.
    02-06-2012 11:34 AM
  5. karoelle's Avatar

    I know I am on wrong forum, I am not shure Androidcentral have a Nexus S I9023 (EU forum)???
    But Androidcentral forum have a lot af Wise guys to help dudes like me

    Can you direct me to where I can post in Androidcentral, in advance Thank you.

    02-07-2012 03:25 AM
  6. SandyDoxy's Avatar
    Maybe the T-Mobile Nexus S forum would be your best bet? That's a 9023 with GSM and I think they've had the ICS update.
    02-07-2012 11:05 AM
  7. karoelle's Avatar

    Thank you, I will try to use T-Mobile forum if/when I need help (I will fore sure)

    02-07-2012 12:47 PM